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Weight loss is a dream for fat people. Losing weight is not impossible. You have to create a plan and be strict on your plan. Some organic weight-loss food, proven weight loss tips, and 90 days of challenge will change your life. You will be able to lose weight after the cool article. Be brave; you will make it happen, and you will lose weight.

Food suggestions for weight loss

You need to avoid some food for weight loss that is negative food for you for the next 90 days. We will give you the best healthy food suggestion, for which you will eat next 90 days. We are going to take this challenge together. We will recommend you organic food only, with no medical supplements.

Natural weight loss foods and eating tricks to lose weight

Food from natural sources helps to lose weight is natural weight-loss food. We will suggest top organic food for weight loss and from nature. Also, give you guidelines on eating them for the best and quick time result.


We all know about lemons, but today we will know how to use lemons for weight loss. Eat lemon with warm water when you wake up in the morning.

Then go for your morning walk or morning run. This lemon-water drink will boost your metabolism rate, which helps you to digest your food all day. Also, help the body not to store fat.

Who should not use this lemon & water method for weight loss?

Some people have gastric problems. Lemon water can increase their problem. They should use another way to accept lemon and warm water.

Overall this method is proven, and it works fast. If you start drinking this mix, you will feel fresh and find a difference in your body in the next few days.


Honey is food from heaven. It has many beneficial effects on the body. Honey uses as medicine for many problems like colds and infections. It works like a magic trick in weight loss.

Eat a warm glass of water with honey in the early morning is the magic trick. You can add a little bit ginger when boiling the water, which will work faster. 

Who should not use the honey & water method for weight loss?

Honey has many beneficial multiplications. But some people have allergic problems. Honey can increase their complication.


Vegetables are a good souse of minerals and vitamins. Eating some boiled vegetables will fill your stomach and make you happy without eating too much. You can select your vegetable table to your taste. Some vegetables are bad for weight-loss periods like potatoes. weight loss vegetable table for 3 days

Day 1– cucumber, Spinach, Broccoli

Day 2– Spaghetti squash, Green peas, cabbage

Day 3– Green peas, sweet potato, cauliflower

You can eat some vegetables as a salad. The best will be to boil vegetables without oil and eat them with pepper and salt. Vegetable soup is another best way to eat vegetables. 


We generally drink water without any rules. If we can drink water following some rules, the weight loss process will be fast. You have to drink water 15 minutes before eating. That will fill some of your stomachs.

Don’t drink water after eating something; eat something and drink water after 30-45 minutes. If you drink water right after eating, that will make digest system slow. A slow digest system will signal your brain to store energy and fat. That can make your weight loss process longer than your goal.

Green Tea

Generally, everybody has a passion for drinking tea or coffee. It’s really hard to avoid drinking coffee or tea. We will replace coffee with green tea. Green tea is healthy and effective for weight loss. We can drink 1/2 cup of green tea in a day. Better if we drink it in the morning and evening.

Green tea should be without sugar. You can add a little bit of lemon to increase flavor and taste. It will give you anty-oxygen and increase your metabolism. Your weight loss will be faster with this good habit.

Healthy Fats

Fats are two kinds in general.Good fat and bad fat. Good fat gives us energy, and bad fat increases our weight. Bad fat came from bad oil and overcooked foods. Good fat came from good souse of meat, fish, olive, nuts, avocado, etc. Good fat gives you energy and helps burn energy by restricting the brain from taking a lot of food.

Some healthy good fat sources-

Avocados, Cheese, Dark chocolate, Whole eggs, Fatty fish, Nuts, Chia seeds, Extra virgin olive oil, Full-fat yogurt, etc.

Foods to avoid for weight loss

There are some foods we love to eat, but we don’t know how dangerous that food is for our health like oily food, junk food, energy drink, etc. We have to avoid food like that for weight loss.

Oily Food 

Generally, we love to eat fried foods. These foods are fried in weep oil. Oil is one of the biggest reasons for blubbery. It enters your stomach, and after digestion, it just stays in your body as bad or not needed body fat. Some oil is good, like olive oil, but it’s not cost-friendly for everyone. We have to avoid all kinds of food made with excessive use of oil.

Junk Food 

Foods with the use of unlimited spices and oil are junk food. Sometimes this food is deep-fried or overcooked. This food adds bad value to our bodies; you need to avoid junk food when you think about the loose weight.

Cold Drinks

We know cold drinks by many names like energy drinks, carbohydrate drinks, etc. Energy drink is prepared with sugar and some gasses. Energy drink helps to increase bad fat in our body. Drinking water will be good rather than cold drinks for weight loss.


Sugar is called white poison. Sugar increases weight, but it is also responsible for many other diseases. The explanation is that if you eat 10 grams of sugar, that will increase 6 grams of your weight. So stop eating sugar and sugar-made foods today to lose weight.

Top 7 Unique weight loss tricks or good suggestions

It is hard to start the weight loss process when you love to eat. Some good tricks help you to adjust to that weight loss process. These tricks are simple, and you will be in a weight loss process when you start following those.

Tip-1: Know your body > Body has limited food needs. Generally, we eat more than we need. For that reason, the body stores fat from extra food energy. We need to know how much food our body needs, and for weight loss, we should eat that little food.

Tip-2: Know your brain > Your brain sets your food needs according to your food habits. The brain is a memory. When you eat more than your body needs your brain save that data in memory. The brain gives you indicate eat that much food every time. You need to know how much food your body needs. When you start eating less food, the brain will adjust in a few days and help you eat less food.

Tip-3: Eat slowly: when you eat slowly, food will start eating less. Eating slowly takes more time, so you don’t eat much in a quick time. This habit helps to lose bodyweight quickly.

Tip-4: 10 minutes walk after eating: Every time you eat, rest for 10 minutes and then go for a walk around your home for 10 minutes. That will make organs active and help digest your food properly and burn some extra calories.

Tip-5: Wright 3 lines: Wright 3 lines every day about what you want to do after getting fit. That will keep you motivated about your weight loss goal.

Tip-6: Play in the afternoon: Go around and play any sports you like. That will make you feel good and burn some calories.

Tip-7: 5 minutes of exercise: Exercise for 5 minutes when you get up and go to sleep. It will burn some fat without doing too much. 

30 days 10 kg weight loss challenge 

This weight loss challenge is not like a traditional challenge. We will change some simple habits, and we will know the reason behind that. Then we will give you a simple food chart that you need to follow. You will start feeling the results of this challenge within 7 days. Now we are going to lose 10 kg in 30 days.

Sleep early: Try to sleep early at night. That will make your body balance good and help you fulfill your plan by getting you out of depression.

Stoop eating 1 hour before sleep: When you eat right before sleep and go to bed, you will gain fat in your body. So eat at least 1 hour before sleep for proper digestion and weight loss.

Don’t sleep long during the daytime: if you sleep for a long time during the day, that is not helpful for your body system. This habit signals your brain to preserve fat. You have to sleep at night for a proper engine for body maintenance.

Keep believing in yourself: Keep believing in yourself. That will help you get out of depression. Depression is a big reason for the chubby body.

Food timing & food list for 30 days weight challenge

Eat 6 times a day: That is a good thing; who loves to eat. We will give you a chance to eat many times but say to eat a little at a time. Eat less and eat many times to shep your body.

Eating timing will be 

  • Wake up at 6 ( eat lemon + honey + warm water before that) 
  • MORNING 7 
  • MORNING 10 
  • NOON 12 
  • NIGHT 10
  • Sleep before 11: 30 

You need to follow the timing properly to lose 10 kg in 1 month or 30 days.

We are Now giving you a suggestion about which time which food you can eat to lose 10 kg in 30 days.

  • Morning 7: Egg, fruit salad, vegetable ( stay away from carbohydrate food like rice )
  • Morning 10: Vegetable salad, a little piece of meat/fish (150 grams)
  • Noon 12: One standard cup of Soup (seafood soup/vegetable soup), fruit juice (without sugar), Nuts ( 100 grams) / a little bit of your favorite dish.
  • Afternoon 4: One standard Boiled vegetable, Green tea ( one cup )
  • Evening 7: Nuts ( 40 grams ), 100 grams of sea fish / dark chocolate (50 grams)
  • Night 10: Soup, Vegetable salad

After all that, we can say this writing will help you lose weight in a quick time. It is not an impossible task to lose weight. People think about losing weight, start that process, and become depressed after some days. That is common mental psychology; when they don’t get results or improvements in a quick time, they think it will not work. Here we are providing simple and easy ways. You will love to follow. Get back after 30 days, and comment here about the improvement; we would love to listen to your weight loss experience from you.

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