benefits of a website

It’s been the same thing as a business to have a website when you take it in a stable position you will start getting benefits to have a website. As everyone knows there is a lot of benefits to have a website. 

benefits to have  a website

How to start getting website benifit :

This benefit comes in your pocket when you start earning from a website it will be beneficial for you because now instead of spending money you can earn money and it will be good for your future. When you have a website it will give you an opportunity to earn money from paid ads or sell an affiliate product.

Now your information is available for the public, so people can contact you if they want anything to do business with you. There are certain benefits which come in this benefit when a company needs advertisement than they approach. Now your information is available for the public, so people can contact you if they want anything to do business with you.

So, it’s your turn to jump on the ocean and find where is your strength to earn from a website and benefit from it and benefit the whole world. You can read this article through the end to find which one is for you,

Google AdSense earning opportunities from a website :

When you create a website and rank it in google benefits will start to come into your pocket. so if you want the benefit from a website then your website has to be on the top of search engines. when you do rank on the top in google then benefits start coming to your pocket.

Affiliate marketing earning opportunities from a website :

There are many benefits of affiliate marketing that come in your pocket when you start earning from a website. It is beneficial for any new internet marketer who wants to earn an extra income online, so it will be good for them because everybody knows the benefit of the affiliate market. This benefit shows how easily you can promote other people’s products. When you have a website and you are doing good you can simply promote products from any e-commerce website. Then benefits will start coming into your pocket first benefit is that you don’t have to pay any single penny for starting this kind of business. The second benefit is that it has a big market, so the benefit can be increased if you find the right product which matches your audience. Let’s share some e-commerce platforms where you can join as affiliates and benefit from them.

Amazon, Alibaba,eBay, Flipkart, and many others.

Show ad from company ad contract and earn from your website:

If there is a good number of visitors on your website you can contract with companies to show their ad on your website and you will benefit from this service and companies will benefit by getting a good amount of website traffic. This benefit is very helpful for people who want to earn extra money online. So let’s find out how you can find benefits to have a website from such a contract.

Those are three major facts from where you can earn from a website.

How to start: 

let’s come to the point to start a website what kind of skill you should have. There is no special skill required to start a website because anyone can create a website. But if anyone wants to make it more clear and good they should know HTML, CSS, and some other basics of coding. Or you easily do it with WordPress which is a really easy task.

The primary necessary things to start a website are Domain, Hosting, Article, SEO.

Domain: It is one of the main necessary things to start a website because if you have no domain then how can people find your website. There are many places where you can buy a domain and I will tell you the two best places to buy a good and low-priced domain. Free-dot-com is my favorite place to buy a domain and there I got .com free for a lifetime. Godaddy: This place is also good but charges little more than free-dot-com, but it has many other facilities too like personalizing your own web address by adding text to $12 each year. Like others but it takes around 10 days or more to deliver your product after placing an order because it deals with big companies so that’s. There is another like Namecheap which is a good place to buy a domain.

Hosting: How to buy hosting and where to buy it, many people ask these questions so here I will tell you the places to buy hosting. Dreamhost is a good place for hosting and their charges are also low as compared to others. Godaddy: There give a free domain with each hosting which gives a really good offer to its new clients. Hostgator is another good place where you can buy a hosting and it has many services like one-click installation of over 100 scripts that means if you want then install any CMS script of your choice in minutes through Hostgator control panel, they have unlimited template-driven cPanel website builder, domain name registration from $10 per year, email packages starting from $3/mo, secure & reliable servers, PHP 5 supported servers, etc.

After buying a domain and hosting you have to select which cms you want to build your website HTML, CSS, java, jquery, Pathan, or WordPress. WordPress will be the best thing for beginners. You can simply search youtube and set up your website with WordPress. Now you are ready to start growing your website 

Article: There are many article directories where you can find content related to your website niche, the list of article directories will be shared below. Fiverr: Fiverr is a place where you can buy articles too. You just need to share your website link on Fiverr and tell people that if they give articles related to your website niche then you will pay them. There are many good writers on Fiverr who will provide quality articles within your budget or for free.

SEO: Search engine optimization is basically done by adding keywords in meta tags, headers, links, alt tags, and many more things which are given on SEO tutorials for beginners. After doing all this you have to submit forms of popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. After submitting your website with them it takes around 1 month or more to get indexed because their number of websites is very high and they don’t start submitting sites immediately. There are so many things in SEO you have to learn day by day and you can earn from that particular skill too.

Now you are all set to go, start from today chase your dream. Remember we can compare it with a tree where if you plant it and nurse it till start giving fruits and flower, you can carn by selling its fruits and flower as well as wood.

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