The food industry is very dynamic. New trends are being developed every day, keeping the food packaging designs up to date with time. The best thing about designing a box that contains food is that it can be made of any material or substance that will protect the content without changing its characteristics.

As it is known, the needs and tastes of people depend on many factors such as culture, generation or economic status. However, what stays true all these years is that people like appealing things; attractive designs make them want to buy something they wouldn’t usually buy. Therefore, it has become important to develop eye-catching (attractive) product package design ideas to catch the buyer’s attention (to gain sales).

“So, what is the best food package design for 2022?”

I have done a lot of research to find out which food box is best for your product. Based on the criteria I found, this one is the best.

1. Size:

You should make sure that your food packaging is attractive so that customers know they are getting a good deal. However, there are some exceptions where people might prefer smaller wholesale craft boxes because they are easier to carry around. The only downside with small package sizes is that they frequently need reapplication (buying more packs).

2. Material:

The material is essential for the packaging to ensure that the product doesn’t spoil and stays safe in it. There are some materials that have these two qualities, but they can be harmful to the environment and sometimes make the food stale because of their plastic content. Paperboard, aluminum foil and other non-toxic materials are much healthier alternatives.

3. Price:

The price of a food box must be reasonable that it does not affect your customer’s buying decision process (i.e., they should not feel that you have put a high price tag just because your design looks good). A good quality product will cost more than the low-quality ones, so always sell an authentic product with excellent material and finishings at a nominal rate.

4. Practicality:

Your food box packaging design should be useful and easy to open so that it does not become a frustrating experience for the customer when unpackaging it.

5. Aesthetics:

A good food box design will always feature aesthetically pleasing elements, but these also need to fit with your brand image or product identity to create an emotional connection with the customer.

6. Nature-friendly:

Go green! Do not use any materials that might affect our environment badly, like paperboard boxes made from recycled paper, chemicals used for treating wood pulp etc. which can cause health hazards when they come in contact with our eating products. Instead, choose biodegradable materials made out of plant-based renewable resources that are recyclable and non-toxic.

7. Portability:

Take into consideration the size, weight and shape of your food box packaging to see if it can be carried easily by the customer. If not done, there is every chance of damage or breakage while transporting it.

8. Use Custom Food Box Packaging Design Software:

These days, you can use software like CorelDraw, which offer templates for various types of food boxes according to their sizes and volumes, helping you easily design the box online without even hiring professional designers each time; You can cut down on both cost and your time required to create these boxes!

9. High-Quality Food Box Packaging Design:

The food boxes should be made of strong material so that they do not get damaged easily or torn in case dropped accidentally.

10. Flexibility:

Customers need to open up your food box easily, without wasting much time or effort at all! So you have to design the food box with the necessary components, which provide room for making styles printing labels or logos easily without any mess.

11. Ease in Packing & Handling:

Your food box should be lightweight and easy to handle while packing products into them. It should not be too large in size so that it cannot fit easily into shipping bags/boxes either, And finally, chosen containers should be stackable without wasting too much space.

12. Strength-to-Weight Ratio:

Boxes that are lightweight would probably save you a lot on shipping costs! And stronger boxes can withstand violent movements during transit, so they do not tear apart easily either.

13. Printing Capability:

While designing your food box or container, consider the printing capabilities of the material that you will be using to make it. If possible, look for machines where ink can be directly applied to them without any transfer issues. Always hire reliable package printing services for this job and make your packages the best in the market.

14. Interchangeability:

Your food box should support all kinds of fillings so you can use it as per requirements without having too many boxes lying around! Also, ensure that the width and depth dimensions remain consistent, whether empty or not, so they are interchangeable with each other across different models/brands if required.

15. Ease in Loading & Unloading Products:

Your boxes should help packers load them easily due to their lightweight nature without tearing them apart during transit or while standing on the shelves. It should be easy for cashiers to unload and check their products and pack them back in a jiffy (especially when you’re running short of time!).

16. Space Saving:

Your food boxes should be able to stand ​without any additional support or external structures so that they don’t take too much space either at your factory/warehouses or transportation vehicles (lorries, trucks, container ships etc.)! They should also fit perfectly inside each other without wasting too much space whenever not being used.

Concluding Remarks:

The above-mentioned points highlight the key aspects that every food box manufacturer should keep in mind while designing/making their products. However, it is also necessary to understand what target group you are catering to and develop a perfect blend of style, design and features as per their needs. Also, it would be helpful if you could incorporate some new concepts or ideas in your packaging designs as there is no dearth of creativity in the country!

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