DC Inverter Air Conditioner vs Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

Advantages and disadvantages of inverter AC vs non-inverter AC

I’m sure you’re confused when you purchase an Air Conditioner because you can have two different kinds of AC in a split system. The first is a Non-Inverter Air Conditioner which is called the Normal AC as well as Fixed Speed AC. Another type that is becoming fashionable in modern technology is the DC Inverter Air conditioner which is often referred to for its variable-speed AC.

Non-Inverter Air Conditioner vs DC-Inverter Air Conditioner

The difference between Inverter AC and Fixed Speed AC

Inverter ACNon-Inverter AC
1. The motor of the compressor is a brushes-free DC type.1. The compressor’s motor is an AC induction motor.
2. The speed of the compressor changes depending on a load of cooling or heating.2. The compressor’s speed remains constant.
3. Very quiet and smooth operation.3. A little bit noisier operation.
4. It will maintain an even temperature in the room.4. The temperature difference in the room is between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius.
5. The major benefit that DC Inverter AC is that it consumes less electricity when compared to standard AC.5. Non-Inverter AC consumes a little power when compared to Inverter AC.
5 Inverter AC is between 30%-35 percent more expensive than non-inverter AC.5. The cost of non-inverter AC is about 30%-35 percent lower than inverter AC.
6. In the case of high-cost items, spare parts are also not too expensive. Thus maintenance costs will be more expensive.6. With the reduced cost of the products, the spare part is also less expensive. Thus maintenance costs will be lower.
7. Advanced skilled technician needed to repair an inverter AC.7. Technicians with experience are needed to fix inverter AC.
8. It is possible to run it even with low voltage.8. It requires the right voltage in order to function.

Which AC is the best one to purchase in Surat in this context?

While DC Inverter AC comes with many advantages, non-inverter AC is highly popular and popular Kishore Brothers In the Surat market because of its cheap price. Due to the fluctuations in voltage, The PCB of the Inverter AC can be damaged, which is why it requires stabilizers, even though AC firms claim to have stabilizer-free AC.

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